Clarity. Confidence. Structure.

Before you can reach your goals and attain new heights, you need a strategic financial plan that’s established by our comprehensive assessment of who you are, what you value most, and what you’re reaching for in the upcoming chapters of your life. Creating an effective plan is more than just understanding your finances, it’s diving in with you to discover what is necessary to crystalize your financial goals for today, your future and how you envision your wealth to be transferred


During our process of discovery, we dive into who you are, what you stand for and assess your financial canvas so we can quantify your goals together. Before we can glide smoothly into your future, we need to lay a solid foundation for us to leap forward together.


Every client is different and we make sure you understand your unique value by creating a customized plan that is unique to you and your circumstances. Before you can feel confident in your financial decisions, we explain our proposed strategies so you can fully understand your options. When you understand your potential risks, you can more confidently make financial decisions.


Prior to putting your plan into action, we confirm your decision and explain in depth the logistics of the process, specific to you personally. Depending on what stage of life you’re in, we produce an action-plan with tangible milestones, consistent overview, and value-added impact to grow and preserve your wealth over time.


Fostering long-term relationships takes consistent communication and we ensure that you know where you stand financially, where you can potentially rise to, and are made aware of any necessary adjustments to your portfolio based on your evolving needs. Your financial independence is our priority and we honor this with our capabilities to track your progress.

Managing Partners

You deserve to know that you matter and what you’re striving for is achievable with disciplined, tactical strategies, and a dedicated team of advisors who are committed to you and your future. To us, being your advisor is more than just managing your wealth, it’s being your confidant and constant pillar of sound advice throughout every stage of your life.

<strong>Sathya Chey Patterson<br/></strong>CFP<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, CDFA<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, CSRIC<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, MBA

Sathya Chey Patterson

Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor

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<strong>Steve Carlsen<br/></strong>CSRIC<span><sup>&#174;</sup>&#160;</span>

Steve Carlsen

Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor

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