We honor our relationship with you and believe that establishing a long-term client relationship takes time, consistent communication and only prospers with mutual respect and a commitment to one another. Our firm provides high touch advisory services, designed for high-net worth individuals and families who are committed to their future, respect our tenure and value our expertise. Working with our team you can expect a relationship that is built to last through any event that life may bring you.



Reaching new financial heights is possible with our multifaceted perspective, free from momentary trends, rooted in experience and a discerning eye for the truth.


The center of every client investment strategy is a customized portfolio, factoring who they are, who they’re becoming, and how they plan to be remembered.


Beyond optimizing our clients’ wealth we aspire to imbue a sense of freedom and financial independence so they can live a life of fulfillment. 

Our mission is more than a strong statement, it’s the heartbeat that guides our firm to collectively transcend higher while empowering our clients to seize new opportunities and soar to new heights. Consistently guiding our clients to reach an elevated perspective that’s abundant and purpose-driven so they can live a prosperous and fulfilled life.

Though your future is awaiting, your life is happening now. Every decision you make today is impacting what’s to come, and in order to live the life you desire, it’s essential for you to consider the choices you are already making. Your financial goals are not only possible, but attainable when paired with the right strategy. A plan without action is just a dream and we intend on guiding you with customized strategies that focus on your ultimate vision, one that grants you financial independence, cultivates your wealth and preserves your legacy.

Managing Partners

You deserve to know that you matter and what you’re striving for is achievable with disciplined, tactical strategies, and a dedicated team of advisors who are committed to you and your future. To us, being your advisor is more than just managing your wealth, it’s being your confidant and constant pillar of sound advice throughout every stage of your life.

<strong>Sathya Chey Patterson<br/></strong>CFP<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, CDFA<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, CSRIC<sup><span>&#174;</span></sup>, MBA

Sathya Chey Patterson

Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor

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<strong>Steve Carlsen<br/></strong>CSRIC<span><sup>&#174;</sup>&#160;</span>

Steve Carlsen

Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor

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